As a Speaker Representing the MCHRC



As a speaker representing the Monmouth County Human Relations Commission, it is important that I represent in the topic(s) being presented to you the principles on which our Commission works.


In accordance with our mission statement, our Commission has a commitment to both human and civil rights. Each of the topics that we, as speakers, develop is based on factual information. This means that we, as speakers, research, interview, collect, develop, and represent the best information available on any and every topic. Such an approach is important, especially in the present day media climate that more often than not treats issues, including those that are controversial, in thirty-second sound bites. Out of ignorance comes misunderstanding and the possible circumvention of any serious commitment to the overall premise of democracy. Our democratic form of government, in order to live up to its creed and principles, must have responsible citizens who will zealously guard against those who would undermine it with untruths, emotional hype, greed, and power struggles. Hate, bias, and discrimination are the results of inaction where decisive action is required.


Second, every opportunity that we as speakers have must be spent in representing the Commissionís mission and program. We must share with our audiences the history on which our Commission has been built and continues to operate.


Finally, what we speak about will reflect to the best ability of the speaker an honest development of the topic under discussion. As we speak on topics of bias and discrimination, our mission will be to advance understanding and inspire our listeners to action.




Maxine Daniels

Asbury Park/Neptune NAACP