·        Introduction:         name, Monmouth County Human Relations Commission, affiliation

#4 handout for goals


·      How bias develops:    Pyramid of Prejudice    #13 handout


·        Types of bias and those each targets:    #8 handout

Ø      sexism / gender bias

Ø      racism

Ø      classism/ socio-economic bias

Ø      homophobia / bias regarding sexual orientation

Ø      anti-Semitism / other religious bias

Ø      ‘ageism’

Ø      bias against people with disabilities

Define, illustrate, and integrate element of power leads to oppression of targets


·   Goal to reduce / eliminate bias, which is basis of acts of discrimination


·   Policies and laws can address discrimination: prohibit it, invoke penalties for it, affect remedies (e.g., N.J. - 1990 - Ethnic Intimidation Act with 1995 amendment)

but are less effective at directly addressing bias reduction: “You can not legislate ‘feelings’ and  ‘attitudes,’ which are a primary source of bias.”


·   What then can be done:


Work through other community organizations — schools, churches, human relations commissions


Give practical suggestions to families and individuals for every day behaviors

#18, 19, 20, 22 handouts  for steps to take - modified for non-business orientation


For more information see the MCHRC web site:


·        Possible insert:  forms that bias motivated violence might take      #11 handout


·      End with: “Remember Me?”      #44 handout