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March 2005




1. As a Speaker Representing the MCHRC


2. Commission Background


3. Basic Bias-Discrimination Speech


4. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (several tips on public speaking)


5. Tailor Your Speeches to the Audience Size


6. Hints on Handouts


7. Skills Needed for "Success" in a Culturally Diverse Society


8. Examples of Types of Bias


9. DefinitionsЊ


10. Definitions Exercise


11. Forms that Bias-Motivated Violence Might Take


12. Cycle of Misunderstanding


13. Hate Violence Progression--Pyramid of Prejudice


14. Speaker's Goals


15. Exercise for Somewhat Diverse Group


16. Panel Speak Out


17. Stereotype Activity, Concentric Circles


18. What You Can Do at a Personal or Group Level


19. Don't Just Stand There (appropriate responses)


20. 10 Ways to Nurture toleranceЊ


21. Teaching Children to Resist Bias, What Parents can do (Colored pamphlet)


22. Teaching Young Children to Resist Bias (2pp)†† Њ


23.  Hispanic Facts (Census)


24.  Immigration Facts


25.  Asian Facts


26. About the N.J. Law Against Discrimination (LAD)


27. EEOC Facts About Sexual Harassment


28. Descent into the Swamp, Levels of Sexual HarassmentЊ


29. Just the Facts/Impact of Sexual Harassment


30. What are Examples of a Hostile or Offensive Work Environment?


31. What is Sexual Harassment?


32  Examples of What May be Considered Sexual Harassment


33. What Employees Should Know About Sexual Harassment


34. Ageism


35. The Problem with "Challenge"   Њ


36. Beyond the AP Stylebook


37. Terminology (For people who have disabilities)Њ


38. It's the Person First --Then the Disability   Њ


39. DONTs and DOs   Њ


40. Guidelines for Talking About Disability


41. Hate Headlines


42. Examples of Subtle Homophobia, Heterosexualism, and Sexism


43. Terminology--Suggestions for Gay..


44. Remember Me?  (Gossip)


45. Communications Support Team Questionnaire for Groups Seeking Speakers


46.  MCHRC Speaker's Bureau Evaluation Form


47. MCHRC Police Visor Card  (with MCHRC contact information)Њ


          ( Њ denotes suggested handouts)